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baby shoes

More Motherhood, Fewer Freedoms in China?

China's shift to a two-child policy could have some unintended negative consequences for the nation's women.
mummy 2

Solving a Different Kind of Mummy Mystery

Mummified remains from the 1500s are giving researchers some new insights on Hepatitis B, which kills a million people yearly.
video game addiction

They’re Gamers, But Are They Addicts?

Video games are big business, with some taking them way too seriously. But is the idea of video game addiction scientifically sound?
Zika virus mosquito

American Zika Warnings Came Too Late

Sequencing genomes of the Zika virus has revealed the contagious disease made landfall in the U.S. earlier than anyone knew.
Indian child mortality

Millions of Young Lives Hang in the Balance

India has made astounding progress in reducing its child mortality rates, but a few more moves could produce even brighter results.
London UK

The Sun Never Gets to the British Empire

An obscure climate phenomenon has made the UK its darkest and rainiest in decades, leading to the resurgence of a forgotten disease.
Kids playing Nintendo Wii

Real Therapy in Virtual Worlds

Video games can be incredibly engaging, keeping players coming back for the thrill of levelling up. This playful motivation is the foundation of a growing trend of gamification in physical therapy. Motion-based games were brought...
School bus with pop out stop sign

The Value of Learning When “Yes” Becomes “No”

Modernizing sex education is controversial, but giving students the right information can decrease their odds of suffering sexual violence.

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