Western University

Western University


Founded in 1878, Western University delivers ‘The Western Experience,’ an exemplary learning experience that engages the best and brightest people and challenging them to meet ever-higher standards in the classroom and beyond. From its home in London, Ontario, outward across every continent, Western prepares future leaders to succeed.

Through 12 faculties and three affiliated university colleges, the University today offers its 36,000-plus students more than 400 specializations, majors and minors. With annual research expenditures of $235 million and an international reputation for excellence, Western is one of  Canada’s leading research-intensive universities.

It was at Western where Sir Frederick Banting rose from a restless sleep in 1920 and wrote out  the 25 words that led to his discovery of insulin. Similarly, it was at Western where researchers led by Dr. Ivan Smith developed the world’s first ‘cobalt bomb’ to treat cancer in 1951,  increasing the cure rate for cervical cancer to 75 per cent from 25 per cent.

While its excellence roots itself in history, Western continues to pursue next-generation discoveries. Since giving birth to the field of wind engineering to increase the safety of structures in 1965, Western has tested – among thousands of others – the Willis Tower, CN Tower and Confederation Bridge, and continues this leadership with the world-unique WindEEE Dome.

A leader in medical innovation since its founding, Western continues to break new ground in health care, including, though advancements in understandings of minimally conscious patients,  led by Adrian Owen, and through the world’s first and only preventative HIV vaccine based on a genetically modified killed whole virus. These efforts, led by Dr. Chil-Yong Kang, are set to enter phase II human clinical trials later this year.

Western is training the next generation of leaders, while helping address critical issues affecting  the health, environment, economy, society and culture of populations around the world.

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