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mummy 2

Solving a Different Kind of Mummy Mystery

Mummified remains from the 1500s are giving researchers some new insights on Hepatitis B, which kills a million people yearly.
Red and white antibiotic pills

Don’t Count Antibiotics Out Just Yet

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are among our gravest health threats, but a new approach to crafting antibiotics is showing some promise.
level 4 lab

Ebola Vaccine’s Journey From Canada to the World

How over a decade of work in a Winnipeg lab led to a life-saving Ebola vaccine.
Needle and liquid

Groundbreaking HIV Vaccine Reaches Next Step

The new vaccine, developed in Canada, uses a killed whole-virus approach. Could this be the breakthrough to end the AIDS epidemic?
fish farmvideo

Charting a Healthy Future for Fish Farms

Disruptions in marine ecosystems can have wide-ranging, destructive consequences. But if you eat seafood, there's a way you can help.
Immune cells surround a cancer cell.

The Big C Meets a New Enemy

Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Clinical trials are underway to see if viruses can be used to fight cancer.

Signaling the Future of Disease Detection

University of Montreal researchers create ultra fast blood sensor technology that may change our approach to diagnostic care.

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