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Familiar Drugs Offer Fresh Hope

Millions of people suffer from rare diseases, with no current options for treatment. What if existing drugs could be used to help them?
MSF Ebola Aid Worker Guinea

Ebola Vaccine Showing Promise

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is still far from over. Canada is at the forefront of the fight, including a new vaccine.
Fluorescence imaging

Helping Doctors See the Invisible

A new handheld imaging device called PRODIGI could help doctors detect and treat even the tiniest bacteria and cancer cells.
Molly Shoichetvideo

Creating a Safe Home for Stem Cells

Stem cells offer great hope for those with brain or spinal cord injuries, but most cells die after implantation. How do we get around this issue?
Dr. Julio Montanervideo

Winning the Long War Against AIDS

Here's the story of one Canadian doctor who has spent three decades helping the medical world turn the tide on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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