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mummy 2

Solving a Different Kind of Mummy Mystery

Mummified remains from the 1500s are giving researchers some new insights on Hepatitis B, which kills a million people yearly.
Zika virus mosquito

American Zika Warnings Came Too Late

Sequencing genomes of the Zika virus has revealed the contagious disease made landfall in the U.S. earlier than anyone knew.
baby feetvideo

Newborns May Have More Choices for Organ Transplants

Young immune systems might not reject organs, even when not a perfect match
Baby receiving a needle

Going Viral with Children’s Pain Management

The social media campaign #ItDoesntHaveToHurt raises awareness for pediatric pain research.

Where Did They Learn to Say That?

Language is an important indicator of early childhood development. A Canadian-designed questionnaire is providing some critical insights.

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