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A New Twist on Storm Prediction

Tornadoes can wreak havoc within minutes. Now, two Canadian researchers have a detection technique that could help save lives.
earthquake testing

Spray On Some Earthquake Protection

Sprayable concrete isn't just a gimmick – the innovation could help keep thousands of B.C. school children safe if "the big one" hits.
Emergency responder surveys scene after Hurricane Katrina

This Is Only a Test… Until the Day It Isn’t

Disasters like Hurricane Harvey remind us of the need for emergency communication. Can the internet play a key role in saving lives?
Nepal Ground Displacement Map

What Causes Earthquakes?

The Earth's violent movement can cause mass destruction and death. Here's a look at the history of our understanding of earthquakes.
top down view of patio in cityvideo

How Going Green Can Fight Floods

Green roofs aren't just about paying lip service to environmentalism; they can also be a key line of defence when natural disasters strike.

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