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Michele Mosca

Securing our Digital Future

University of Waterloo Professor Michele Mosca cracks the coded puzzle that is cybersecurity.
Andrew Krahn

A Problem Solver with Heart

Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia Cardiology Head, and unofficial luddite, Andrew Krahn.
Fiona McNeill

Where Few Women Have Gone Before

McMaster University’s Professor Fiona McNeill shares a little of her life outside the lab.
Melanie Campbell

A Window on the Future of Diagnosis

University of Waterloo Professor Melanie Campbell’s self-belief drives her to innovation.
Sheila Singh

Inspired to Cure

McMaster University’s Professor Sheila Singh is driven by her patients’ challenges toward future lab solutions
Prof. Kevin Haggerty

Crime is a Science

University of Alberta Professor Kevin Haggerty has criminology in his blood.
Prof. David Zingg

The Sky is Not the Limit

University of Toronto’s Professor David Zingg savours the challenges of Academia.
Sally Aitken

A Love of Darwin… & Neil Young

This conservation scientist sees Charles Darwin as a kindred spirit. She's also a lover of animals and the music of singer-songwriters.

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