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Ralph Dacosta

Sharing a Love of Science

This cancer expert sees a bright future in the field of cancer imaging, especially for researchers who are creative, passionate and incorruptible.
Myrna Simpson

From the Campsite to the Chem Lab

What happens when you combine a love of chemistry with a love of the great outdoors? She's finding out right now!
Prof. Aephraim Steinberg

Driven By The Big Question: “Why?”

This physics professor grew up with science in his blood. But his curiosity and skepticism almost sent him down another path.
Graham Pearson

“Life is So Complex and Amazing”

If you could ask the prime minister one question, what would it be? This expert in Arctic resources has a very important inquiry in mind.
Dawn Bowdish

The Adrenaline Rush of Discovery

For inspiration, she's got a musical playlist from the '90s. In her job, she's helping people live healthily into their 90s.
Keith Vanderlinde

Telling the Story of the Universe

By day, he's exploring new realms in astronomy and astrophysics. By night, he's kayaking, snapping photos or diving into a good book.
Kyle Murray

Why Do People Do What They Do?

When he's not spending time with family or doing indoor rock climbing, this researcher is trying to get to the bottom of human decision-making.
Marvin Westwood

Seeking Some Divine Inspiration

This psychology professor grew living up on a farm. Now he hikes up mountains in search of cosmic renewal.

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