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A Medical Mystery Becomes a Medical Breakthrough

A 10-year-old boy has faced mysterious and terrifying symptoms his entire life. Now, he finally has a diagnosis – and renewed hope.
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A Real Shock to the System

Septic shock sends countless people to the ICU, killing up to half of them. Stem cell therapy could provide a long-awaited solution.
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Transplanted from Pioneer to Award Winner

Find out how a researcher's lifetime of groundbreaking work in organ transplantation led to the prestigious Prix Galien Research Award.

A Lesson in Tolerance for Allergy Sufferers

A promising treatment could one day eliminate allergic reactions, by reprogramming the body's "patrol cells" to tolerate certain foods.
Harold Atkins and Mark Freedman

Stem Cell Treatment Reboots Immune System

In clinical trials, multiple sclerosis patients have symptoms halted or reversed

Why Spring Brings Some People to Their Sneeze

Seasonal allergies a combination of nature, nurture, and more nature
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Why Does Sickness Come with Age?

If you think it's just a failure of the immune system, think again. Breaking down the complex web of causes could prove vital to us all.

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