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Who You Gonna Call? Ankylosaur!

A new sub-species of the ankylosaur, known for its unique, dangerous tail club, has been named after a classic Ghostbusters baddie.
lethiscus CT

There’s Something Fishy About That Fossil

A 340-million-year-old fossil, a 20-year-long mystery and, finally, some new clues on how fish evolved into land-faring creatures.
Pile of teeth

Bite-Sized Wisdom About Our Ancestors

Analyzing the Vitamin D in fossilized teeth could give us new clues about ancient humans' diet, lifestyles, and even their skin pigmentation.
Mary Silcox

For Brains, Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

The study of ancient primitive primates, using cutting-edge 3-D imaging technology, is shedding new light on how human brains evolved.
Dinosaur collagen

Lighting Up the Jurassic World

Thanks to a new technique using infrared light, researchers have probed into the soft tissue of dinosaurs from 195 million years ago.

Digging Deep for a Prehistoric Mystery

Did the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs actually help foster other lifeforms? The answer may lie underwater in the Gulf of Mexico.

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