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Need Power? Just Add Water

A tiny, biodegradable square that provides electrical power with just a few drops of water? It's not science fiction; it's the PowerPAD.

These Batteries Really Keep Going and Going

Forget the graphite-based lithium batteries currently powering your devices. Next-generation batteries could last for decades. Really.
Vitamin Battery

Powering the Flexible Tech of Tomorrow

Before we can have roll-up tablet computers, we'll need bendy batteries. Researchers may have a solution, derived from Vitamin B2.
Zhongwei Chen

Supercharging the Future

His work could change how power is stored and transported. To recharge himself, he takes a hike with his kids or turns on some Mozart.
Solar Panelsvideo

What’s Possible With Solar Power?

The future of renewable energy is so bright you'll have to wear shades. Hear from the experts about what's coming next.
Jatin Nathwani

Chasing the Dream of Energy For All

"Please, take a bold step and find some way to help improve other people’s lives even if the improvement is only minuscule."

Carbon Dioxide: From Villain to Hero

Carbon dioxide emissions are driving global climate change, but research is showcasing how CO2 might also help save the day.
Paint roller blackvideo

The Paint That Can Turn Any Surface into a Solar Cell

Carbon, the infamous villain of global warming, could also hold the key to a green energy revolution

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