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CIFAR discussionvideo

Minds of Many Feathers Stick Together

At the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, thinkers from various disciplines can collaborate and push the limits of their work.
Student protestvideo

Can Creative Destruction Bring Prosperity for All?

Society runs on innovation, but it's vital to ensure the financial and social benefits don't remain concentrated in the hands of a few.
Darren Acemogluvideo

Why Do Some Countries Decline?

It's not culture or geography that decide a nation's fate, says one economics professor. It's about the institutions they have -- or don't have.
World on handsvideo

The Local Voices of Globalization

Global growth has to work within existing social structures. How do we drive ongoing innovation while respecting those cultural needs?
Woman paying in storevideo

The Customer is Always Wrong

Conventional wisdom suggests good customer service produces sales. But as it turns out, sometimes the exact opposite might be the case.

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