Minds of Many Feathers Stick Together

At the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, thinkers from various disciplines can collaborate and push the limits of their work.

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From a global perspective, the research community is small. As such, differing scientific viewpoints, collegial support, and access to shared resources have proven to be integral elements for successful research endeavours in Canada and worldwide. A space where scientists can come together to debate, advance ideas, and share perspectives is key.

CIFAR, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, provides such a space.

CIFAR is an institution that funds scientific research and brings researchers together to discuss the issues and ideas surrounding their work. From the origin of the universe to economic inequality, thorough exploration of fundamentally important questions requires a high degree collaboration within a global research community that shares the same goal: the advancement of the human condition.

But what makes CIFAR unique compared to other research institutions?

Daron Acemoglu, an economist, and neuroscientists Melvyn Goodale and Lisa Saksida, explain how CIFAR goes beyond traditional government agencies and NGO’s in the advancement and exploration of really fundamental, “blue sky” questions.

Economists Philippe Aghion, Matilde Bombardini, and Daniel Trefler explain the value of the support and understanding that the CIFAR community provides. Aghion explains how his research matures much faster through the constant feedback he acquires from his colleagues. The exchange and clash of ideas can potentially be problematic in a room full gifted minds, but Bombardini says that at their meetings, the egos are set aside and “it’s all about the research”.

Neuroscientist Adrian Owen explains that the funding model at CIFAR is unique – instead of thinking about the entire project in advance, CIFAR allows you to see where the research takes you.

CIFAR plays a critical role in bringing exceptional minds together to lead the world into the realm of discovery and innovation.