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Indian child mortality

Millions of Young Lives Hang in the Balance

India has made astounding progress in reducing its child mortality rates, but a few more moves could produce even brighter results.
scientist in lab

Slowing Down the Harm of Huntington’s

While there's currently no treatment for the devastating neurodegenerative disease, a promising discovery could lead to therapy options.
Crystal art double helixvideo

What Kind of Mutant Are You?

We all have gene mutations. Some could be trouble, but many are harmless. How do we know which is which? That's the big riddle.
level 4 lab

Ebola Vaccine’s Journey From Canada to the World

How over a decade of work in a Winnipeg lab led to a life-saving Ebola vaccine.
MSF Ebola Aid Worker Guinea

Ebola Vaccine Showing Promise

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is still far from over. Canada is at the forefront of the fight, including a new vaccine.

Hit CTRL+P for a Personal Diagnosis

Within a decade, groundbreaking diagnostic technology could make disease detection as easy as hitting "print."

Fighting Disease with Paper Power

Bacteria that cause food-borne diseases can be detected using paper- and tape-based tools for use in developing and remote areas worldwide.
Molly Shoichetvideo

Creating a Safe Home for Stem Cells

Stem cells offer great hope for those with brain or spinal cord injuries, but most cells die after implantation. How do we get around this issue?

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