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Tag: conservationism

right whale

Why Are So Many Right Whales Dying Here?

Nearly 3% of the global population of right whales has been found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this year... and humans are at fault.
Oil well

All’s Well That Ends (Oil) Wells

Across Alberta sit 75,000 abandoned oil wells. But in one town, they're being converted to create sustainable energy -- and new jobs.
Georgia Basin

Saving on Taxes While Saving the Planet

Cutting taxes for owners of certain parcels of land could help Canada meet conservation targets, but the plan isn't quite perfect.
Surfing Tofino

A True Sea Change in Federal Policy

New efforts will help reach the government's goal of protecting 10% of Canada's marine ecosystems by 2020. Will it be enough?

Quirky Seahorses Have Become the Face of Marine Conservation

Like many other marine animals, seahorses face devastation from overfishing and habitat loss

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