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video game addiction

They’re Gamers, But Are They Addicts?

Video games are big business, with some taking them way too seriously. But is the idea of video game addiction scientifically sound?

Who’s Most at Risk of an Overdose?

A new report on opioid use in Ontario lays out the ways that location and socioeconomic status are linked to addictions and death.
Filled syringes

Facing Up to the Fentanyl Crisis

What's being done in Canada to deal with the dangerous drug? And do you know what to do if you suspect a fentanyl overdose?
Roulette Wheel

Dealing a New Hand in Addiction Treatment

A recently-discovered link between problem gambling and a specific brain region could open the door for different forms of treatment.
Slot machinesvideo

What Makes Gambling Addictive?

Is slot machine gambling more about excitement or absorption? Professor Luke Clark looks at how game design influences gambling addiction.
Rachel Tyndale

Mixing Logic and Curiosity

Her research into addiction could save lives, but she's not just focused on the end game: "Work in an area you love... and are proud of."
smoking a cigarettevideo

Genes May Hold the Key to Overcoming Addiction

Studies into the genetic basis of nicotine cravings could one day help curb addictions to cigarettes; or even, potentially, other types of drugs.

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