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Research2Reality is honoured to be a finalist for the Science Writers & Communicators of Canada's 2020 People's Choice Award!

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Research2Reality has been named a finalist for the 2020 Science Writers & Communicators of Canada’s (SWCC) People’s Choice Award for Canada’s favourite science site! We are thrilled to be nominated alongside five other amazing sources of Canadian science news, events, and activities.

We encourage you to check them all out and then cast your votes at SWCC. It’s an exciting chance to support your three favourite finalists, and also to discover more places to dig into the best in science communication.

Since launching our site in 2015, we’ve been on a mission to be proud ambassadors of Canadian research, bringing you diverse stories and drawing connections to the impact on our everyday lives. Over the years, we’ve posted over 1,000 stories and counting.

For instance, did you know that the International Space Station was built piece by piece by a pair of robotic arms designed here in Canada, and that expertise helped launch the first Canadian astronauts into space?

Or that treatment as prevention to stop the transmission of HIV and AIDS was a strategy pioneered by Canadian researchers, who specifically reached out to marginalized communities, and that changed the global standard of care?

Or that Canada remains a world leader in artificial intelligence because many of the seeds that grew into what we know as machine learning today were first planted right here in our backyard?

Or how about that a Canadian foundation gives an international award that more or less predicts who is about to win a Nobel Prize in medicine, and that we send those same scholars across the country for public outreach?

At Research2Reality, these are the stories that we love to tell, because we want to get you excited about these homegrown stories of discovery and innovation, and tell you how those breakthroughs impact our everyday lives.

We want to introduce you to the researchers behind the work, and we especially celebrate women in STEM.

We want to present the latest in the social sciences and take a stand on issues of social justice and equity. And that includes looking inward at our own institutions, because as much as we value multidisciplinary collaborations, we also know that diverse perspectives on life are going to be key to solving some of today’s most challenging problems.

We also love to showcase the art, imagery, and visualizations that continue to shape how we understand nature, the world, and the universe.

We are honoured to have been nominated for an SWCC People’s Choice Award for Canada’s Favourite Science Site, and you get to help choose the winner by casting your vote by October 31. We hope you’ll check out more of our great content. And for the love of science, please, vote for us.

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Karyn Ho is a science animator and engineer who thrives at the interface between science, engineering, medicine, and art. She earned her MScBMC (biomedical communications) and PhD (chemical engineering and biomedical engineering) at the University of Toronto. Karyn is passionate about using cutting edge discoveries to create dynamic stories as a way of supporting innovation, collaboration, education, and informed decision making. By translating knowledge into narratives, her vision is to captivate people, spark their curiosity, and motivate them to share what they learned.