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Thanks, Invisible Little Water Filters

Tiny microorganisms that consume human-produced pollutants are helping reclaim contaminated sites and safeguard clean water.
Profs. Irena Creed and Philippe van Cappellen discuss clean water technologies and how knowledge from the field impacts polivideo

Clean Water Knows No Boundaries

Water affects the lives and livelihoods of every person on the planet. Green technologies will help protect our clean water for the future.
Scanning electron micrographs of some of the Eukarya recovered from water up to 1.4 km underground at mine sites in South Africa.

Uncovering the Mysteries of a Subterranean Zoo

Exciting deep water discoveries of complex life may suggest there is more on Mars.
Prof. Irena Creedvideo

Always Changing, Shaping Our Lives

Water is forever moving and transforming through our natural world. Ecosystem scientists have high-tech tools to see exactly where it goes.

Look at a Diamond & You May See an Ocean

University of Alberta Professor Graham Pearson studies the relationship between diamonds & deep earth water cycles
Two girls splashing in watervideo

Water, Water Everywhere… For Now

Global climate change is having big impacts on access to clean water; luckily, Canadian researchers are hard at work finding novel solutions.
Man looking at lakes and mountainsvideo

We Need to Keep It Clean… Or Else

Groundwater contamination is a hazard across Canada and the world. Can we find a balance between humans and the natural ecosystem?

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