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rino rappuolivideo

‘There’s No Limit’ to the Fight Against Disease

He won a Canada Gairdner International Award for his work in vaccines; now he's seeking new frontiers in healthcare.
Trump pinnochio nose

Painting a Picture of the Anti-Vax Movement

A Canadian author is using art (and humour) to skewer the celebs-and-conspiracy culture driving vaccination skeptics.
Syringes, vials, and pills

All of the Protection, None of the Needles

Using smart microcapsules, vaccines could soon come in pill form, making them easier and less expensive to transport and take.
Trump cartoon

Protecting the Facts Against President Trump

As Canada rebuilds after a federal government that was hostile to science, the U.S. has slipped into its own anti-scientific nightmare.
MSF Ebola Aid Worker Guinea

Ebola Vaccine Showing Promise

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is still far from over. Canada is at the forefront of the fight, including a new vaccine.

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