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Tag: University of Waterloo

Sarah Burch

“I Can Ask Any Question”

As a climate researcher, she loves finding answers anywhere. She also loves reading, yoga and binge-watching The West Wing.
Ian Goldberg

Tales from the Cryptography Expert

Nowadays, staying safe online means having to take special steps. If one cryptography professor has his way, that's all going to change.
Francis Poulin

Turning the Numbers in His Favour

He once got a 35% in Grade 8 science class. Now the numbers are looking a lot better, as a mathematician studying the world's oceans.
Catherine Rosenberg

Rolling in the Deep Blue

In this life, she's a computer engineer. In an alternate life, she might be an opera singer.
Jatin Nathwani

Chasing the Dream of Energy For All

"Please, take a bold step and find some way to help improve other people’s lives even if the improvement is only minuscule."

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