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Martin Krkosek

“Since I Was a Child, I’ve Wanted to Save the World”

Though he's a fan of fiddle music, this expert in ecology and evolutionary biology has no plans to fiddle while the world burns.
Drops of liquid on a microchip

Put The Lab in Your Pocket (Literally)

Computers used to take up entire rooms; now they're microscopic. Work is underway to shrink chemistry and biology labs on much the same scale.
Heart on book

Fictional Stories Produce Real Results

Reading a novel, or binge-watching a fictional drama series, can help strengthen your sense of empathy for others, according to a new study.
Angela Schoellig

What Else Can Robots Help Us Do?

She's determined to push the field of robotics as far as it will go... and to explore as much of our planet as she can.
Greg Evans, Environmental Engineer

Keeping Eyes On Those Blue Skies

This engineer didn't reach his dreams of becoming a rock musician or professional soccer player... but did get to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Amr Helmy

Always A Work In Progress

The status quo is never good enough for this photonics professor, be it society's conception of the universe or the music on his personal playlist.
Rachel Tyndale

Mixing Logic and Curiosity

Her research into addiction could save lives, but she's not just focused on the end game: "Work in an area you love... and are proud of."
smoking a cigarettevideo

Genes May Hold the Key to Overcoming Addiction

Studies into the genetic basis of nicotine cravings could one day help curb addictions to cigarettes; or even, potentially, other types of drugs.

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