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Nika Shakiba

Pushing the Boundaries of Human Knowledge

While working towards her PhD studying stem cells, she's still exploring world cuisine and the memory tricks of mental athletes.
Stem cells bubble

Helping Stem Cells Find a New Home

Stem cells can treat hundreds of diseases, but transplants often don't take. One drug could help fix the problem.
Samantha Payne

Keeping Everything in Perspective

When she's not working hard to unlock the secrets of stem cells, she's dreaming of selling her hand-knit goods in her own Etsy shop.
scientists workingvideo

The Drug of the Future: Cells

Bioengineers are seeking to manufacture enough stem cells to make therapies viable, with big potential payoffs in fighting disease.
stem cells inked episode 1

Stem Cells Hit the Small Screen

Student-created animated shorts help explain stem cells' staggering potential
Penney Gilbertvideo

Giving Your Muscles Superpowers

Your muscles can already heal themselves, but this ability degrades over time. Stem cell biologists are looking to give them a boost.

Stem Cell Progress Slow, But Steady

The discovery that an adult cell can be reprogrammed into a stem cell is 10 years old. So how come stem cell therapies aren't super common yet?
Harold Atkins and Mark Freedman

Stem Cell Treatment Reboots Immune System

In clinical trials, multiple sclerosis patients have symptoms halted or reversed

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