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Canada arm

Five Fascinating Facts About the Canadarm

We caught up with famous Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield to pick his brain about our most famous space tool: the Canadarm.
Mars rocky landscape

What Will Life on Mars Look Like?

Humans have dreamed of living on Mars for 150 years. Three students from the University of Calgary have plans for how it might work.
This computer-generated image shows Dextre (right) on the end of Canadarm2, holding an advanced vision system.

Protecting the Space Station From High-Speed Junk

Canadian-developed high-tech eyes help keep the International Space Station's vulnerable exterior safe from space debris.
A neutron star

Herzberg Honours Bright Researcher’s Work on Dense Stars

Victoria Kaspi first woman to win prestigious science prize
Space elevator

Next Floor: Outer Space

A Canadian-based tech company is challenging the existing concept of a space elevator.
Philae Comet

Waking Up on a Flying Comet

It took Philae and Rosetta 10 years to reach the surface of Comet 67P. That's when things really got tricky on their unprecedented journey.

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