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Discarded cigarette butt on pavement

Time for Big Tobacco to Cover Their Butts

Each year, trillions of cigarette butts litter the world's streets and parklands. What if tobacco companies were responsible for cleanup?
Man with a cigarettevideo

Clean Up Your Act or Face the Consequences

Poor lifestyle habits could give young Canadians shorter lifespans than their parents. What will it take for people to make healthier choices?
girl smoking drinking

How To Strike Out Your Stroke Risk

Strokes can hit anyone, anytime, anywhere -- but a new Canadian study shows how to reduce the risk by over 90%.
smoking a cigarettevideo

Genes May Hold the Key to Overcoming Addiction

Studies into the genetic basis of nicotine cravings could one day help curb addictions to cigarettes; or even, potentially, other types of drugs.

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