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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks with Chief Science Advisor Mona Nemer in front of Canada's parliament

New Science Advisor Vows to Make a Difference

For the first time since 2008, Canada has a chief science advisor. Can Dr. Mona Nemer push the nation toward global leadership in science?
reading newspaper

Is Everyone Entitled to Their Own Science?

Nearly half of Canadians think scientific facts are just opinions, in part due to mass media upheaval. Where do we go from here?
March for science protest

Signs of the Times at the March for Science

Amidst a distressing environment of science denial and "alternative facts", pro-science marchers have still kept their sense of humour.

More Ventured, More Gained for Women in Science

Closing the gender gap in science will take time and money. But if current trends hold, Canada could be a leader in bringing it to fruition.
CIFAR collaborationvideo

Great Minds Think Alike… but Also Differently

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research breeds collaboration among our nation's top thinkers, from neuroscientists to economists.
Trump cartoon

Protecting the Facts Against President Trump

As Canada rebuilds after a federal government that was hostile to science, the U.S. has slipped into its own anti-scientific nightmare.

Does Science Want To Be Free?

The patent dispute over CRISPR gene editing technology speaks to a bigger question: Should publicly funded science be free?
scientist in labvideo

No Funding Means No Future

Some of Canada's top researchers explain why public funding is so important to the future of scientific discoveries in our country.

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