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Angela Schoellig

What Else Can Robots Help Us Do?

She's determined to push the field of robotics as far as it will go... and to explore as much of our planet as she can.
Self-propelled bacteria

Cancer Drugs Hitch a Robotic Ride

Reprogrammed "magnetic bacteria" can carry anti-cancer drugs through the blood, providing a promising alternative to chemotherapy.
rubber duckvideo

Preparing For A Robotic Revolution

Robots do just fine with repetition, but adaptability is key for real-world scenarios. That's where today's robotics research comes in.
Scan of brainvideo

Decoding the Brain

Exploring the intersection of neuroscience & technology with University of Waterloo Professor Chris Eliasmith.

Creating a Smarter Robot

University of Toronto Professor Goldie Nejat advances artificial intelligence that will improve the quality of our lives.
Robot illustrated by Josh Ellingson

This Robot Gets You… Or Does It?

In the 1920s, U.S. President Hoover promised "a chicken in every pot". By the 2020s, there could be a robot in every home. What will it mean?

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