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Flawed Diamonds are a Geochemist’s Best Friend

Deposits of ancient water in “Ugly” diamonds may offer rich clues in crystal formation.
Two girls splashing in watervideo

Water, Water Everywhere… For Now

Global climate change is having big impacts on access to clean water; luckily, Canadian researchers are hard at work finding novel solutions.
Wind turbinesvideo

Four Ways to Save the World

With humanity facing down an ever-worsening global energy crisis, researchers have identified a four-pronged approach to prevent calamity.
time lapse cars in cityvideo

How Does Your City Stack Up?

Most people live in cities, and most probably think their city is the best. A new research project is helping planners figure out just who's on top.
Man looking at lakes and mountainsvideo

We Need to Keep It Clean… Or Else

Groundwater contamination is a hazard across Canada and the world. Can we find a balance between humans and the natural ecosystem?

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