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Stem cells bubble

Helping Stem Cells Find a New Home

Stem cells can treat hundreds of diseases, but transplants often don't take. One drug could help fix the problem.
heart handsvideo

Seeking Real Cures for Broken Hearts

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer worldwide. Fortunately, Canadian researchers are working hard to keep hearts beating loud and proud.
stem cells inked episode 1

Stem Cells Hit the Small Screen

Student-created animated shorts help explain stem cells' staggering potential

Stem Cell Progress Slow, But Steady

The discovery that an adult cell can be reprogrammed into a stem cell is 10 years old. So how come stem cell therapies aren't super common yet?
leopard gecko

Talking ‘Bout my Regeneration

Lizards could teach scientists how to regrow human limbs

One Day, Stem Cells May Help Them Move Again

Canada has long been a leader in the field of stem cell research, fueling the dream of renewed mobility for those with spinal cord injuries.
Apple cut in half

Researchers Grow Human Organ Tissue on Sculpted Apples

Removing apple cells leaves cellulose 'scaffold' ideal for three-dimensional organ growth
cell culture storagevideo

Dialing in New Tools for Cell Repair

Professor Gordon Keller's research team zeroes in on reprogramming damaged cells.

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