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Satellite in orbitvideo

Let’s Get (Quantum) Physical

It's already upended our understanding of the universe; now we wonder, how will quantum physics begin shaping our everyday lives?
Jennifer Hoffman

Running Through the Endless Possibilities

When she's not out running 200 kilometres at a time (yes, seriously), she's making world-shaking discoveries in quantum materials.
Amr Helmy

Always A Work In Progress

The status quo is never good enough for this photonics professor, be it society's conception of the universe or the music on his personal playlist.
computerized lightvideo

Let There Be (Computerized) Light

Quantum computing can harness photons (units of light a thousand times thinner than a human hair) for technological use.
digital informationvideo

A Quantum Leap in Online Security

Quantum computing will render current online security tools obsolete; luckily, there are efforts underway to keep our data safe and secure.

Tin Cans and String Theory

Some kids have sent words through two tin cans and a piece of string; quantum communication can send them encoded in particles of light.
Prof. Raymond Laflammevideo

Reality Isn’t What We Think It Is

Newton's laws were a good start, but quantum mechanics is now providing a mind-boggling glimpse at the building blocks of existence.

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