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Child thumbs up

Power of Suggestion: Hypnosis Finds Uses in Medicine

Far from simply being a stage show, hypnosis is increasingly demonstrating utility in therapeutic settings, especially for children.
Janet Werker

Pursuing Those Unsolved Mysteries

In another life, this psychology professor might be a detective or a spy – anything that lets her dig into and unravel a new puzzle.
Christmas presents

It Really Is the Thought That Counts

With the holidays upon us, it's worth remembering that the act of giving to others is, in and of itself, the greatest gift of all.
student books

Putting Mental Wellness to the Test

With student anxiety and stress peaking at exam time, some universities are now working to cultivate positive emotions on campus.
Saxophone playervideo

People with Alzheimer’s Could Get Prescription for Music

Music affects brainwave activity and could be used to treat neuron-related conditions

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