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Trouble’s Blooming in This Not-So-Great Lake

Harmful Algal Blooms turn Lake Erie into a mushy summertime mess, but there's hope that it can be brought back to life once again.
Oil well

All’s Well That Ends (Oil) Wells

Across Alberta sit 75,000 abandoned oil wells. But in one town, they're being converted to create sustainable energy -- and new jobs.
Discarded cigarette butt on pavement

Time for Big Tobacco to Cover Their Butts

Each year, trillions of cigarette butts litter the world's streets and parklands. What if tobacco companies were responsible for cleanup?
Surfing Tofino

A True Sea Change in Federal Policy

New efforts will help reach the government's goal of protecting 10% of Canada's marine ecosystems by 2020. Will it be enough?

Carbon Dioxide: From Villain to Hero

Carbon dioxide emissions are driving global climate change, but research is showcasing how CO2 might also help save the day.
herbs in handvideo

Would You Like Plants or Plastic?

Plastic is everywhere, but replacing it with renewable plant-based material could mean big benefits for our environmental footprint.
Polluted skyline

Report: Air Pollution Claims 5.5 Million Lives Each Year

Air pollution is deadly, and second only to smoking on leading causes of death worldwide. Cleaner technologies are urgently needed.
Woman looking out on nature

The Dawning of the Age of Anthropocene

Humans have transformed the planet profoundly as a major asteroid impact, ushering in a new epoch

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