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Another Spin for the Analog vs. Digital Debate

Vinyl records are in once again, thanks in part to a belief in their superior audio quality. But is it based in facts, or just feelings?
Music therapy

Music: ‘The Inner Revolution of the Soul’

From communication-challenged children to patients in palliative care, music has a uniquely powerful capacity to affect us as humans.
Frank Zappa

Musical Genius, or Just Regular Genius?

Many believe that taking music lessons will make you smarter. As it turns out, the causal link may actually run in the other direction.

Let the Music Move You

Body language can help make good music great... and understanding its impact can improve lives, whether you're a musician or not.
Saxophone playervideo

People with Alzheimer’s Could Get Prescription for Music

Music affects brainwave activity and could be used to treat neuron-related conditions

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