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Tag: mental health

woman in window

What Are New Moms Really Feeling?

Despite increased awareness of postnatal depression, attention is only now turning to an overlooked element: anger.
sad teen

Perfectionists: Their Own Worst Enemies

A new study has helped substantiate the long-held belief that perfectionist tendencies can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts.
Group Work

A Culture Change Is Coming to Campus

With nearly a third of PhD students at risk for mental health issues, Canadian schools are shifting attitudes and offering more support.
e-mail stress

You’ve Got Mail… and High Levels of Stress

Ubiquitous access to e-mail has shattered work-life balance for countless people. Is there a way to break free of your work e-mails?
winter sunset

A Bright Idea to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is rough, even for those without seasonal affective disorder. Some Canadian libraries are offering the perfect antidote: light.
two men talking

Let’s Talk About Supporting Mental Health

Bell's "Let's Talk" campaign has raised funds and awareness, but there's more we can do, year round, to support those with mental illness.
Christmas presents

It Really Is the Thought That Counts

With the holidays upon us, it's worth remembering that the act of giving to others is, in and of itself, the greatest gift of all.
student books

Putting Mental Wellness to the Test

With student anxiety and stress peaking at exam time, some universities are now working to cultivate positive emotions on campus.

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