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Remapping a Damaged Mind

New insight on the hippocampus, which creates memories, could help patients dealing with neurological diseases.

Please Read These Words Out Loud

Saying something out loud, or even hearing a recording of ourselves, helps us remember it. Why not test it out with this article?

Remembering You’re Forgetful is a Good Thing

Our memories naturally decline as we age. But if you notice it happening, you're actually at lower risk for conditions like Alzheimer's.
Forgetful person holding up a sign with a question mark

Here’s a Brain Fact You Won’t Forget

Actually, you might. But don't worry, culling old memories is actually a good thing: it helps us adapt and make better decisions.
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Why Do Childhood Memories Vanish?

If you can't remember your life as a toddler, don't worry, that's normal. New experiments are elucidating the process of childhood amnesia.

Shape-shifters to the Rescue

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, shape-shifting soft materials open up new possibilities in biomedicine, data storage and beyond.

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