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Jeffrey Rosenthal

And Now, for His Next Number…

As a professor of statistics, he's got his nerdy side. But as a budding musician and comedian, he's also got his spontaneous side.
Francis Poulin

Turning the Numbers in His Favour

He once got a 35% in Grade 8 science class. Now the numbers are looking a lot better, as a mathematician studying the world's oceans.
chalk board with math written on itvideo

Yes, You Do Use Math in Everyday Life

Despite your schoolyard skepticism, you are using math as an adult. Researchers are using it too, to confront some of society's big issues.
Basketball game

March Madness Math Secrets

A perfect bracket probably isn't in the cards, but a winning one might be

Looking at Life by the Numbers

Professor Chris Bauch tests our impact on the environment using mathematics to create virtual models.
girl looking pensievevideo

Crunching the Numbers on Mental Illness

One in three Canadians will be diagnosed with some form of mental illness. Math is proving to be one of their most important allies.

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