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In the Tech Business, It’s Adapt or Die

He's already founded three successful companies. Now he's helping Canadian technology entrepreneurs get up and running.
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The Local Voices of Globalization

Global growth has to work within existing social structures. How do we drive ongoing innovation while respecting those cultural needs?
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Don’t Let Innovators Block Innovation

If your great idea is profitable, you might not support the next great idea. Creative destruction is vital for societies to keep innovating and growing.
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UBC Researcher Tames Drug-resistant Cancer

New drug combinations and personalized treatments provide cancer patients with more options.
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The Paint That Can Turn Any Surface into a Solar Cell

Carbon, the infamous villain of global warming, could also hold the key to a green energy revolution
Apple cut in half

Researchers Grow Human Organ Tissue on Sculpted Apples

Removing apple cells leaves cellulose 'scaffold' ideal for three-dimensional organ growth
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The Shared Values of Science Innovation & Society

For the health of our modern democracies, we need better conversations between scientists & policy-makers.

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