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The Road Map to a Regular Heartbeat

In a new hybrid technique, surgeons use 3D mapping to simultaneously detect and correct the source of an irregular heartbeat.
Side view of anatomical heart model

Healing Your Heart the Right Way

A naturally occurring protein that triggers heart growth could be the key to recovery from a heart attack or chronic high blood pressure.

Mapping Out a Life-Saving Diagnosis

Studying the genomes of mice and building a genetic registry could help prevent terrifying ailments like sudden cardiac arrests.
Blood collection tubes

Sending a Message on Cardiovascular Health

The battle against cardiovascular disease could get a boost from the communication power of little-known "extracellular vesicles".
heart handsvideo

Seeking Real Cures for Broken Hearts

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer worldwide. Fortunately, Canadian researchers are working hard to keep hearts beating loud and proud.
heart surgery

Put Your Heart in a Canadian’s Hands

As Valentine's Day nears, we mark #Canada150 with a look at Canada's contributions to the past, present and future of open heart surgery.
Dr. Andrew Krahnvideo

Genetic Registry Helps Predict Heart-attack Risks

30,000 Canadians have unexplained heart attacks each year, most of which are fatal
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Higher Floor, Higher Heart Risks

People on third floor or higher have lower survival rates

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