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Air Pollution

Swedes Take the Lead on Climate Needs

Sweden is setting the global standard when it comes to cutting down on carbon emissions. Could Canada follow suit?

Need Power? Just Add Water

A tiny, biodegradable square that provides electrical power with just a few drops of water? It's not science fiction; it's the PowerPAD.
Autumnal trees in cityvideo

Bringing the Country to the City

People are moving into densely-populated cities like never before. Natural systems will play a key part in keeping those cities liveable.
Solar Panelsvideo

What’s Possible With Solar Power?

The future of renewable energy is so bright you'll have to wear shades. Hear from the experts about what's coming next.
taking a picture of the skyvideo

Hot off the Presses: Printable Solar Panels

Low-cost solar power could come in the form of a decal or paper roll that could be used anywhere - even on the side of your cell phone!
More solar energy hits the Earth in one hour than humanity uses in a yearvideo

The Small Matter of Big Solutions

At the University of Alberta, Professor Jillian Buriak introduces nanotechnology in the search for more efficient solar cells.
top down view of patio in cityvideo

How Going Green Can Fight Floods

Green roofs aren't just about paying lip service to environmentalism; they can also be a key line of defence when natural disasters strike.

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