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Stop the Bleeding, Once and for All?

Current treatments for hemophilia B have problems, but a new gene therapy could yield a cure for the disease that prevents blood clotting.

Searching for the Gene-Editing Off-Switch

CRISPR is revolutionary, but some scientists are anti-CRISPR. Ironically, their work will actually help improve the gene-editing tool.

Cracking the Clues on Peanut Allergies

There is a genetic basis for potentially fatal peanut allergies. But we also know there are ways to reduce risk.

Mapping Out a Life-Saving Diagnosis

Studying the genomes of mice and building a genetic registry could help prevent terrifying ailments like sudden cardiac arrests.
Genome artvideo

Big Questions, Six Billion Tiny Answers

Sequencing the genome is easier and cheaper than ever; but what does it all mean? The answers could profoundly change society.
genetic networkvideo

Medical Treatments Made Just for You

Most of us will experience a genetic disorder; however, genomic medicine is poised to provide individualized treatments to fight back.
Artificial Intelligence double helixvideo

Going Deep Into the Human Genome

On the leading edge of artificial intelligence is deep learning, which could unlock the mystery of how our genes encode human life.
Crystal art double helixvideo

What Kind of Mutant Are You?

We all have gene mutations. Some could be trouble, but many are harmless. How do we know which is which? That's the big riddle.

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