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Need Power? Just Add Water

A tiny, biodegradable square that provides electrical power with just a few drops of water? It's not science fiction; it's the PowerPAD.

These Batteries Really Keep Going and Going

Forget the graphite-based lithium batteries currently powering your devices. Next-generation batteries could last for decades. Really.
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Hot off the Presses: Printable Solar Panels

Low-cost solar power could come in the form of a decal or paper roll that could be used anywhere - even on the side of your cell phone!
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Fuel Cells Could Supercede Fossil Energy

Solve issues of energy storage and emission-free power generation
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Metal: The Next Clean Energy Option?

Believe it or not, burning powdered metals could be a valuable alternative to burning fossil fuels.

Considering Carbon Footprints in the Sky

Take flight with Professor David Zingg and his unconventional thinking on environmentally sensitive aircraft design.
Wind turbinesvideo

Four Ways to Save the World

With humanity facing down an ever-worsening global energy crisis, researchers have identified a four-pronged approach to prevent calamity.

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