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Dinosaur collagen

Lighting Up the Jurassic World

Thanks to a new technique using infrared light, researchers have probed into the soft tissue of dinosaurs from 195 million years ago.
Fractofusus fossil

Who Are You Calling an Animal?

The curious case of an immobile ocean organism from 500 million years ago is making some rethink what it means to be an animal.
Denisova Cave, excavation in the East Gallery. Photo courtesy of Prof. Bence Viola.

Add Hominin

Deep in a Siberian cave, the bones of ancient human ancestors reveal new branches of our family tree.
dinosaur wing fossil in amber

Set Free After 100 Million Years

Two tiny bird fossils from the Cretaceous Period have been discovered encased in amber, and they've got quite the story to tell.
dinosaur fossil skullvideo

Oh Baby Dinosaur, How Do You Grow?

Studying 300-million-year-old fossils makes paleontology cool; learning timeless lessons about life on Earth is what makes it essential.

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