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emerald ash borer beetle

To Save the Day, Release the Killer Wasps!

Why would scientists breed a colony of parasitic wasps? Because it might be their best chance to save millions of ash trees.
logging pilevideo

We Can See the Future for the Trees

Despite its reputation, forestry is not only sustainable, it's flexible... and it's set to bring us countless innovations in the coming decades.
Data collected in BC seed orchards 20 years ago is being used now to determine how pollen movement can affect tree adaptation to climate change.

Digging Up Old Data

A fresh look at existing statistics may suggest how well trees adapt to new environments.
Fall Leaves

Trees Grow Healthier Communities

The nature of trees offer surprising health benefits in our most populated areas
Prof. Sally Aitkenvideo

Trees: A Part of our Heritage

Trees and forests are big parts of the Canadian landscape and economy. But deciding what to plant, and where, isn't as simple as it once was.

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