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Skip Some Rope, or Skip Some Meals?

Intermittent fasting can help weight loss, and not just by restricting calories -- it affects fat tissue almost the same that exercise would.
Man and boy playing soccer

Picking the Team Without Crushing the Dream

Not every young athlete can make the team. But there are ways for coaches to break the news without turning children off of sports.
legs walking

Take 10,000 Steps and Call Me in the Morning

For those trying to get the recommended level of daily exercise, the path to better health could be a novel medical prescription: walking.
protein structure

Staying in Shape Pays Off, for Proteins and People

When studying proteins, shape matters. A new, shape-preserving protein extraction method could lead to new ways to fight disease.
Dancing with parkinsons

Dancing the Fight Away

Parkinson's robs people of their movement, but dance therapy could actually help in the battle against this debilitating disease.
Walkable Neighbourhood

Could Your Neighbourhood Be Making You Sick?

Pokemon Go is getting folks out and about. But those living in areas with low walkability could be at higher risk of obesity and diabetes.
Woman looking on a winter scene

Cold People Burn More Calories

Sustained chills could be mixed with diet and exercise to help people lose weight
shopping mall escalatorsvideo

Selling Consumers on Smarter Choices

Helping consumers purchase goods and services they actually want is good for business.

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