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Experimental drugs

What Would You Try, If Your Life Was at Stake?

Should terminally ill patients have the right to try costly experimental drugs that might harm them further but also might save their lives?
blueprint with pencil and ruler

New Project Aims to Manufacture Human DNA

Scientists debate whether synthesizing entire genomes is necessary, desirable
Illustration of Cas9 (blue), complexed with CRISPR RNA (red) and target DNA (yellow

Navigating the Future of Gene Editing & Ethics

Manipulating the nature of our genetic code brings new opportunities & new questions.
cell culture storagevideo

Dialing in New Tools for Cell Repair

Professor Gordon Keller's research team zeroes in on reprogramming damaged cells.
Highlander Calf

Leading the Way on Animal Welfare

Events like the Calgary Stampede ignite debate on animal welfare. Luckily, Canadian researchers have done their homework on the topic.

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