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Timothy Chan

Fill Up Your Mental Toolkit

His research takes him from online dating to baseball to the Supreme Court. His music-loving toddler takes him all over the place, too.
Catherine Rosenberg

Rolling in the Deep Blue

In this life, she's a computer engineer. In an alternate life, she might be an opera singer.
Greg Evans, Environmental Engineer

Keeping Eyes On Those Blue Skies

This engineer didn't reach his dreams of becoming a rock musician or professional soccer player... but did get to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Amr Helmy

Always A Work In Progress

The status quo is never good enough for this photonics professor, be it society's conception of the universe or the music on his personal playlist.
Illustration of Cas9 (blue), complexed with CRISPR RNA (red) and target DNA (yellow

Navigating the Future of Gene Editing & Ethics

Manipulating the nature of our genetic code brings new opportunities & new questions.
James Cotton - McMaster

Engineering His Ideal Future

This mechanical engineering prof is exactly where he wants to be, and it all came to be thanks to some good advice from a mentor.
Andrea Damascellivideo

The New World of Superconductors

Quantum superconductors are fundamentally altering our understanding of what is possible, from maglev trains to laptop-sized MRI machines.

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