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Tag: ecology

Bee pollinating a daisy

Bad Buzz for a Popular Pesticide

Our bees are dying, and a widely used class of pesticides is among the biggest culprits. What could new policies mean for bees in Canada?
Blue songbird

Sunny Days for Us, Big Danger for Birds

An early spring is a nice surprise for humans, but changing seasonal patterns could spell extinction for hundreds of species of birds.
fish farmvideo

Charting a Healthy Future for Fish Farms

Disruptions in marine ecosystems can have wide-ranging, destructive consequences. But if you eat seafood, there's a way you can help.
Martin Krkosek

“Since I Was a Child, I’ve Wanted to Save the World”

Though he's a fan of fiddle music, this expert in ecology and evolutionary biology has no plans to fiddle while the world burns.

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