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Skip Some Rope, or Skip Some Meals?

Intermittent fasting can help weight loss, and not just by restricting calories -- it affects fat tissue almost the same that exercise would.
gout illustration

How to Keep the Gout Monster at Bay

The salty, sugary Western diet has been linked to gout; but fear not, there are ways to avoid developing this nasty form of arthritis.
Food on table

Big Changes on the Menu for Canada’s Food Guide

Set for its first major update in a decade, the guide is tackling all-new subjects -- and you can be part of bringing it all to life.
Test Tubes

The Fast and the Furious Patients

Doing a fast prior to getting a blood test is a pain. New research suggests it may also be unnecessary and counterproductive.
Man with a cigarettevideo

Clean Up Your Act or Face the Consequences

Poor lifestyle habits could give young Canadians shorter lifespans than their parents. What will it take for people to make healthier choices?

It Tastes Like Chicken, but Check the Science

A news story suggested Subway's chicken is 50% soy; the company denied it. Who's right? It all comes down to interpreting the data.
chocolate squares

Is Your Chocolate Bar Fudging the Facts?

You may think you're filling up on antioxidants just because that chocolate bar was labelled 90% cacao. But it's not that simple.

Taking “You Are What You Eat” To a New Level

A brilliant university assignment had students step into the lives of Southeast Asians throughout history – through their diets.

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