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Tag: climate change

Chinook salmon

Reign’s Over for the ‘Kings’ of Salmon

Chinook salmon have nearly vanished on the west coast, but why? Sport fishing? Predation? Industry? Or an even larger factor?
Air Pollution

Swedes Take the Lead on Climate Needs

Sweden is setting the global standard when it comes to cutting down on carbon emissions. Could Canada follow suit?
northern lights

Climate Change Brings Life Changes Up North

Our melting permafrost won't just affect the future world; it's having devastating effects on communities in Canada's North right now.
Blue songbird

Sunny Days for Us, Big Danger for Birds

An early spring is a nice surprise for humans, but changing seasonal patterns could spell extinction for hundreds of species of birds.
Violent sea wavesvideo

The Building Blocks of Our Climate

Did you know the oceans hold more heat than the atmosphere? As climate change worsens, understanding our water will be critical.
Trump cartoon

Protecting the Facts Against President Trump

As Canada rebuilds after a federal government that was hostile to science, the U.S. has slipped into its own anti-scientific nightmare.

Finally, Some Environmental Good News!

The outlook for Earth can be bleak nowadays, but these Canadian scientists are working to improve the natural world for all of us.
Sarah Burch

“I Can Ask Any Question”

As a climate researcher, she loves finding answers anywhere. She also loves reading, yoga and binge-watching The West Wing.

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