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Canada arm

Five Fascinating Facts About the Canadarm

We caught up with famous Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield to pick his brain about our most famous space tool: the Canadarm.
northern lights

Climate Change Brings Life Changes Up North

Our melting permafrost won't just affect the future world; it's having devastating effects on communities in Canada's North right now.
Maple syrup on a waffle

Maple Syrup Might Be Good for What Ails You

Building on First Nations traditions, researchers are investigating whether compounds in maple syrup could make antibiotics work better.
heart surgery

Put Your Heart in a Canadian’s Hands

As Valentine's Day nears, we mark #Canada150 with a look at Canada's contributions to the past, present and future of open heart surgery.

Celebrate Canada’s 150 Years of Progress With Us!

Canadian science looked a whole lot different back in 1867. This year at R2R, we'll be celebrating all that's come since then. Join us!

Finally, Some Environmental Good News!

The outlook for Earth can be bleak nowadays, but these Canadian scientists are working to improve the natural world for all of us.
welcome signvideo

With Glowing Hearts, We See Thee Arrive

Some are raising questions about Canada's historically successful immigration model. Are the concerns about newcomers justified?

One Day, Stem Cells May Help Them Move Again

Canada has long been a leader in the field of stem cell research, fueling the dream of renewed mobility for those with spinal cord injuries.

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