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Red blood cells

Target the Blood, Save the Brain?

Alzheimer's is a disease of the brain, but its effects might originate elsewhere in the body -- and so, too, could new treatment options.
moral decision

The Right Hemisphere for the Right Judgment

An experiment focusing on a so-called "split-brain" patient is providing insight on how and why we make decisions in moral scenarios.
Forgetful person holding up a sign with a question mark

Here’s a Brain Fact You Won’t Forget

Actually, you might. But don't worry, culling old memories is actually a good thing: it helps us adapt and make better decisions.
Sleeping under the covers

How Normal Are Your Sleep Patterns?

A Canadian neuroscientist is undertaking a worldwide sleep study of unprecedented scale, and you can be part of it.
Grandfather holding baby

Could Exercise Help Prevent Dementia as We Age?

A years-long prevention effort in Ontario has shown that stroke and dementia don't need to be considered "normal" parts of aging.
Brain scanvideo

It’s All in Our Heads

The physical brain and the conceptual mind are linked in ways that we don't fully understand. A new collaboration is getting us closer.
Dancing with parkinsons

Dancing the Fight Away

Parkinson's robs people of their movement, but dance therapy could actually help in the battle against this debilitating disease.
Melvyn A. Goodale

Climbing Into The Human Brain

The field of cognitive neuroscience is developing at a furious pace, and that's exactly how this movie-loving professor likes it.

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